Which class is right for you?

Our classes have been created by a nurse/midwife with many years experience. It is this experience that has led our decision to also offer Baby and Child First Aid as separate classes. There are big differences between First Aid techniques for babies and older children. We feel that focusing on just the baby or the older child will make sure that you are not overwhelmed by lots of new information. We also have more time to talk about the injuries or illnesses that are more common in that age range. We want you to leave confident that you would know what to do for your child in an accident or emergency.

Baby First Aid - We suggest this class if you are expecting a new baby or have/look after a baby from newborn to 1 year old. You can go on to take the Child First Aid class once your baby is over one year old. This will act as a great refresher and will teach you new First Aid skills more relevant to your older child. If you have previously taken the Baby First Aid course, we will give you 20% off when you book your Child First Aid course.

Child First Aid - We suggest this class if your children are over 1 year old. We also recommend this class if you have previously taken a first aid class but it was some time ago. It’s always important to keep up to date and refresh what you know.

Baby & Child First Aid - Of course, you may prefer to learn Baby and Child First Aid in one class. This may suit you more if your family includes both babies and older children.

our 3 different options let you choose the class that is right for you and your family.