Orange Kite First Aid & Training

Privacy Policy


1.       Introduction

2.       About us

3.       Collection of personal data and how it is used

4.       Our lawful basis for processing your data

5.       Storage and sharing of your data

6.       Security measures

7.       Your rights


1.      Introduction

Here at Orange Kite First Ait and Training, we are committed to protecting your personal information and being fully transparent with how we use it. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), this Policy outlines the way in which we collect your personal information and how we process it. Within this policy we will also provide details of your rights and how you can exercise them.

To ensure that we are fully compliant, and that all information provided is as up-to-date as possible we may make revisions to this Policy from time to time. Please check this website regularly for updates and let us know if there’s any aspect of change that you’re unhappy with.


For any queries relating to this Policy, please contact us using either of the methods below:


Telephone: 07554 631 084


2.      About us

Orange Kite First Aid Training delivers a range of baby and child first aid classes for all the family. Courses are delivered by a qualified trainer and nurse/midwife with many years of experience.

Orange Kite Services acts as the data controller and as such, determines what data is collected, how your data is going to be used and how your data will be protected. Any additionally appointed data processors will be detailed following the employment of new team members.


3.      Collection of personal data and how it is used

The collection of your personal information is done so legally and ethically for a specific purpose (see lawful basis for processing). We never purchase any personal data from third party sources.


Some of the ways that we may collect your personal information:

  • Websites- online forms

  • Paper forms

  • E-mail

  • Text

  • Face to face


We collect your personal data for one or more of the following reasons:

1.       To manage and maintain communications between Orange Kite First Aid Training and you.

2.       To initiate commercial communications with you or the organisation that you represent, where it is believed that the services offered by Orange Kite First Aid Training would be of use and benefit.

3.       To keep an up-to-date CRM record including any DNC (do not contact) requests.


4.      Our Lawful Basis for Processing

In accordance with Article 6 of the GDPR, we as a company must have a legal basis / reason for processing your information. Our lawful basis for processing your information is that of Legitimate Interest. This means that we use / process your information for a specific purpose (outlined above), of which there must be a clear and legitimate professional interest for us to do so. This means that whilst many of our customers will approach us in the in the first instance, we still have a legal and legitimate reason to contact businesses or groups, whereby we believe that our training courses/classes would be of interest and benefit.

It is important to also understand that you have the right to object to us using or processing your personal information at any time, and that you can exercise your right to ‘erasure’. This means that upon your request, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is securely disposed of / deleted.


5.      Storage and sharing of your data

In accordance with Article 5 (e) of the GDPR, we will never store / keep your personal data for longer than is necessary. To determine the appropriate retention period for personal information, we consider the amount, nature and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorised use or disclosure of your personal information, the purposes for which we process your data and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means, and the applicable legal requirements.

Our customer relationship management, accounting and banking systems are all UK based and unless explicitly stated, we remain the data controller for all data collected and processed for any of the afore mentioned processes.

We will never sell or disclose your personal data. Any information that is passed on to third parties is only done so for professional/business purposes, and only ever with your full consent and/or request.


6.      Security Measures

We have made every effort to ensure that the appropriate security measures are in place to protect your personal information. This includes extensive firewall protection, password controls and general good practice in the handling of all personal information. In implementing such procedures and protocols, we have also made every effort to mitigate against any external / fraudulent attempts to gain access to your personal information.

It is important to note however, that we cannot reasonably be held responsible/liable for breaches that occur beyond that of our control. This means that you should take extra care to ensure your own data protection and privacy with your devices, web browsing and any external factors whereby your personal data could be considered at risk.


7.      Your rights

You have certain rights regarding your personal data and it’s important that you understand what these rights. Should you wish to exercise any of your rights (detailed below) then please contact us at:

1.       Your right to be informed.

As the data controller, we have a legal and ethical obligation to inform you in a clear and transparent manner, how your data will be processed. You can find this here in our privacy notice or in our privacy policy. You can obtain full copies of both upon request.

2.       Your right of access.

You have the right to request (and be provided with) a copy of the data/information that we hold about you and confirmation of how that data has been processed.

3.       Your right to restrict.

There are various reasons why you may exercise your right to restrict. If you exercise this right, we will still hold your data, but we will not under any circumstances continue to process it.

4.       Your right to rectification.

You have the right to rectify any data that we hold, that you believe to be incorrect or incomplete. You can also request your right to restrict simultaneously, to ensure you data is correct before processing continues.

5.       Your right to erasure.

As previously mentioned, you have the right to request processing stop and your personal data be securely disposed of / deleted.

6.       Your right to object.

You have the right to object to us processing your personal data. You can also follow this with the right to erasure.